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Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Creating, curating & upholding for a Liverpool institution.

The project

The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral has been a client of ours for over 5 years. Our close working relationship has given us the opportunity to work on some great projects over those years. We handle all their design needs from wayfinding and exhibition design, to seasonal campaigns and digital newsletter designs.

In early 2017 we were honoured to be approached to develop the brand identity for the Cathedral’s historic Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Golden Jubilee branding.

Our inspiration for the brand identity was the opening of the Cathedral in 1967, which was marked by an ambitious and ground breaking artistic festival, making it a symbol of modernism for the Catholic Faith. We created an identity that reflected the energy and spirit. Conveying the Cathedral’s personality as vibrant, forward thinking, and creating an identity relevant for a modern audience.

Telling the thousand year story.

In 2018 we were approach to re-imagine and produce a permanent exhibition design for the entrance foyer of the Cathedral, detailing the history of the Catholic faith, and the Cathedral’s place within the community. The priority was to make the design engaging, easy to follow and accessible to all. Through clean simple design and an understanding of the space, we designed and installed a series of information boards to bring the entrance foyer, and the story to life.

Continuing to develop.

Our work with the Metropolitan Cathedral is varied. Over the years, working closely with the team, we’ve been helping develop a consistent design style. Whether it’s exterior wayfinding or concert promotion, our aim is to always produce the highest quality work to help promote a historic Liverpool icon.

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