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Food & Drink Week 2019

An identity and marketing campaign, people ate up

The project

This year, for Food and Drink Week, we decided to focus on the word ‘craft’. Craft is a word associated with all of the businesses involved, so we ventured into paper craft! We hand crafted the visual campaign for Food & Drink Week. The sculptures took some time, 3 days for the burger alone. To go through the entire process of creation and quality, time is the focus of the campaign. We wanted to recreate food and drink that people could expect to see at the festival, putting the same amount of care and attention into each piece as so many establishments in Liverpool do – for our pleasure.

We pay homage to the cooking and mindful eating, as well as how important food and drink time is to us.

Visual Systems

A language was created throughout the campaign, allowing key messaging to stand out & be understood whilst keeping the audience intrigued, using a mix of sculpture images.

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